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Taupo McCartney Tournament – Oct 2020

Our six OJFC teams that travelled to Taupo for the McCartney Invitational Tournament last weekend had an amazing time playing teams from all over NZ. They did us proud playing with Onslow spirit, values and persistence. They will all be exhausted after the effort they put in for three days but I’m sure they are still smiling.

The results are something to be proud of too!
U12 Girls – Onslow Fitzroys – Champions!! (1st)
U13Boys -Onslow / North Wellington TDP- 5th
U12 Mixed – Onslow Thatchers- 6th
U11 Mixed – Onslow Amritsars- Runners Up !(2nd)
U10 Mixed – Onslow Tuis- Runners Up !(2nd)
U9 Mixed- Onslow Kārearea- Champions !! (1st)
Here’s some excited players to brighten your day!

Wests Graded Tournament – Sep 2018

The Victorious G9 Amritsars

Congratulations to the Onslow Amritsars (pictured above), winners of the Grade 9 section of the Wests Graded Champs last Saturday.

Also congratulations to the Onslow Dekkas were runner’s-up in G7, the Onslow Ruas who won the Plate in Grade 8, the Onslow Quettas who won the Bowl in the G9 as did the Onslow Gurkas in Grade 11.

Wynton Rufer Tournament May 2017

OJFC had a very successful Wynton Rufer Tournament this year. Some of our results are below. There is a fantastic collection of photos of the winning Grade 7 Onslow Red team which can be found on the Photos page. Congratulations to all of our teams who took part it looks like it was an amazing day had by all.

Grade 7
1st Onslow Red
3rd Onslow Green


Grade 8
1st Onslow Karachis



Wynton Rufer Tournament May 2016

OJFC took multiple teams to the very popular Wynton Rufer Tournament held in May every year. This years results from the Onslow teams competing were fantastic and by the looks on the faces of the players in the photos below everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Well done everyone !

Grade 7-Division A
1st- Onslow  Karachis

Grade 7-Division B
1st- Onslow Rajkots (Composite Team)

Grade 11 Division B
Runners up- Onslow Elloras

Grade 10- Division B
1st- Onslow Gavaskars

A report by Mark Gilchrist – Coach for the  victorious Gavaskars.

“The Grade 10 Gavaskars had the honour of representing Onslow in division B of  this year’s Wynton Rufer tournament.  The weather was awesome and the tournament as usual was well organised.  We were in group A playing 5 teams we hadn’t played this year all from the premier leagues.  The boys were excited to play against new competition.  After a quick test of some new warm ups coming Onslow’s way we played Upper Hutt Orange in our first game winning 2-0 reasonably comfortably, a goal in each half from Aidan C and Aidan S.  Game 2 against Petone White was much tighter but we came out on top 1-0 thanks to an individual goal from Aidan C and solid team play closing down Petone.  Game 3 against Wests Gunners was another 1-0, Aidan C again scoring this time set up by Camden, however Wests did not put us under as much pressure as Petone in the previous game.  Game 4 against Waikanae Storm was a 1-0 loss, Waikanae caught us early with a couple of pacey strikers and defended well as we tried to pull the goal back, effort could not be faulted as the boys tried everything they could. By lunch time, Aidan C was rightfully our player of the day, and enjoyed playing against a couple of Phoenix players during the lunch-break.  Thanks to Ben W (and his family) who were our last minute ring-ins for the day to boost team numbers to 9, and stayed with us right through to the end of the day.  After lunch we needed to win the last pool game and then find out what happened in the Waikanae-Wests game.  We did our bit beating Miramar King Kongs 3-0 with goals from Aidan C, Scott and Camden so we finished pool play with 12 points and happily Waikanae and Wests both finished with 10 so off to the final we went.  The boys were ecstatic we were in the final and they were ready to play, no motivation from the coach required.  The final was a tight game against Stop Out Eastbourne, home club with plenty of support.  Scott scored midway through the first half, tapping in a rebound following a shot.  The second half we continued to create chances and had a couple of scares but the score remained 1-0 meaning the boys were able to celebrate at the final whistle which they did.  The boys were rapt that they won and fully deserved as they each played well for the team.”

Photo of the G10 Gavaskars by Simon Gianotti.


More photos of our victorious teams below:

The winning Grade 7 team – Karachis


The winning Grade 7 team – Rajkots


The winning Grade 11 team – Elloras


Kapiti Coast Easter Tournament 2016

Another great weekend of football was on display at Mazengarb Park, Paraparaumu over Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday in a wonderfully run tournament by KCU Football Club. A big thank you to KCU for running this annual event and for organising such awesome weather.

Onslow Junior Football Club were the overall tournament winners for the first time since 1991 and so it was a very special occasion for all involved. The full list of results, reports and photos are still to be published here once I have them all.

The Onslow team placements for each grade were:
10th grade – Miramar 1st. Onslow Everests 2nd
11th grade – Upper Hutt 1st, Onslow Agras 3rd
12th grade – Miramar 1st, Onslow Tuis – 6th
13th grade – Onslow Amritsars 1st
14th grade – Lower Hutt 1st, Onslow Benares 3rd
U17 – Lower Hutt 1st. Onslow do not have a team in this grade.

kapiti cup

Gaston Junca and Felix Crookston (G14 Onslow Benares) receiving the tournament trophy for the overall winning Club at the KCU Easter Tournament 


The G13 Onslow Amritsars celebrating their win

An account of the day by Aaron Beasley from the G13 Amritsars.

We started the day with the thought of 5 hard teams and a long, hard thrill ride of playing hours of football. We knew it would be tough but our team had won our grade in this tournament before and we had it in our minds that we could do it again.

But this time something had changed, the size of the pitches and goals and new team members. Our new team member Ben Latham opened the scoring for us and we were all very happy for him. This ended up being the winning goal against the hosts KCU. In our second game we had a close match against Karori which we eventually won 1-0. This time the winning goal was scored by our other new team mate Mateja. Our 3rd game was our hardest facing the newly improved G13 Miramar team who pushed us, possibly dominating but we triumphed by holding another clean sheet in a 1-0 victory. By now our legs were getting a bit weary and we still had to face 2 teams (Upper and Lower Hutt) of which we knew would be hard, but we knew they would be tired as well. We went into the 4th game against Upper Hutt with the right mind set and we won 3-0 and I thoroughly enjoyed the game because we played well as a team.

Our final challenge was against Lower Hutt – we had faced them before in tournaments and knew what we were up against. To our surprise we outplayed them and were victorious 4-0 in another great team performance.

KCU Tournament 2016 - Winning Team Edit

The G13 Amritsars team – winners in the G13 group at the Kapiti Coast Tournament

Douglas Villa Tournament 19th/20th September 2015

The grade 12 Karamu team “played our best ever as a team” on slidey Masterton mud to come runner-up in the 2015 Douglas Villa tournament.

The B-streamed side finished second to Petone (2-0), only conceding three goals all day.

They’d given their all in a semi against Miramar that finished nil-all and was decided on penalties 3-1.

Goalie Fraser MacAuley was a mud-bedecked hero, saving 3 penalties in treacherous conditions, while the Onslow penalty-takers netted their shots. Everyone played themselves out, including two who had been off sick for a fortnight, and two straight from a girls FTC game-day in Palmerston North the day before.

The conditions demanded tight ground passing, staunch set pieces and a curious kind of skating tackle more often seen on ice rinks.

Grade 12 this year had something of an altered field, with no Wests teams, and various clubs having at least some A players away at FTC.

Onslow had a team in each of the four pools, including the Awaruas and the GOSL Lucknows – the C-streamed Lochiels were unlucky to draw the pool of death with Karori, Upper Hutt and Norths A teams, but played well to hold them to small margins with no subs.

Douglas Villa - Karamus 2015

The G12 Karamus team – runners up in the Douglas Villa Tournament 2015

Wynton Rufer Tournament 23rd/24th May 2015

This is an annual tournament run by the Stop Out Football club for Grades 7, 8, 9 and G10. OJFC sent teams in all of the grades and it sounds like the weekend was a festival of football in glorious winter sunshine. We had an all Onslow final in both the Grade 7 and Grade 8 age groups – what an amazing achievement.

Results in so far for the Onslow teams are:

Grade 7: Onslow Winstons – 1st place, Onslow Motuekas – 2nd place

Grade 8: Onslow United – 1st Place, Onslow Victory – 2nd place

A wonderful account of the tournament by Sam Walker, as experienced by the Winstons Grade 7 team.

George Dinnan loves his soccer.  His 7th birthday was on 22 May, the Friday before the tournament and he got a soccer goal.  He immediately set it up inside and had been practising all Friday and Saturday for the tournament.

An amazingly sunny day made for a well organised tournament.  George joined the Winstons team with 2 of his team mates from the Ramphals, Connor O’styke and Will Graham. They were joined by Zach Lindsay, Ashton Lilley, Thomas Nischalke and Harry Ward.  Each of the boys had seen each other in the regular Saturday games, however they hadn’t played as a team before. What a team though!  From the start of their first game the boys just ‘gelled’.  They all instinctively knew where to place themselves on the field, were able to pass the ball to each other easily with no one player hogging it and they thought about best play to get the goals.  The coach Mars Lilley did an amazing job of encouraging the boys on and off the field.  David Ward did an awesome job of sorting out the ’subs’ every few minutes so each boy was hugely involved in every game.  As the games progressed you could see the team working very well together.  The Winstons won 5 out of 5 games to take them to the finals.  They won the finals against another Onslow team 3/2.  Nail biting stuff.

George loved the whole day.  He was buzzing from the first to the last moment.  The Winstons remained positive and enthusiastic all day and were true ‘sportsmen’.  It was a most enjoyable day to be a part of.  Well done Stop Out Club!

The all Onslow Grade 8 final clash as told by Aaron Alexander.

“The two 8th Grade Onslow sides – Victory & United – arrived at Stop Out on a beautiful winter’s day, ready to have fun and play some great football. And what a huge day it was – each game is twice as long as their regular Saturday matches, and the boys play well over 2 hours of football over the course of the tournament, fuelled by snacks, sausages and a sheer love of the game. As each round went by, the Victory and United crews checked in on each other and it was clear both were doing well. After lunch the luck of the draw found us each playing a final pool game against the other undefeated team in our sections, meaning that if both teams won, it’d be an all-Onslow grand final. And that’s exactly what happened. 

As the boys took to the field for the final game of the day, there were plenty of grins, high fives and a bit of friendly wrestling between the players, who’d secretly hoped this was how it would work out. Kick off, and United have the ball in the back of the net within the first minute! But hang on…Victory equalise in the second minute!! This was going to be a doozy. Victory took the lead before half time and held it, until a long range stunner from United locked it up literally 20 seconds before the final buzzer. 2-2. So we go to extra time…

By this stage, the other teams in the grade had finished their matches and were heading back to the clubrooms, past our field. So we began to gather quite a substantial crowd watching this epic all-Onslow contest, and it only seemed to spur the guys on. Despite the huge amount of running they’d  done, the game was played at an incredible pace, and at the end of extra time, they couldn’t be separated. Exhausted and elated, we all agreed that a draw was a fair result after an incredibly exciting half-hour of football. Tournament hosts Stop Out had to break the deadlock, and awarded the trophy to Onslow United by the slimmest margin imaginable – a single point of goal difference over the day. 

All the boys played the game in a fantastic spirit, and the joy mixed with exhaustion on their faces was just brilliant. As parents, coaches and managers, we couldn’t have been prouder of them, and no doubt they’ll remember the day for a long time.”

Grade 8 Final - Onslow United scoring a goal.

The delight on the faces of the Onslow Victory players Charlie Pope, Leuan Griffiths and Sam Law after scoring a goal in the G8 Final at the Wynton Rufer Tournament. Photo taken by Paul Hodgson.


The Onslow United Grade 8 tournament winners. Photo taken by Gary Porteous.

Kapiti Coast United Easter Tournament (Easter Weekend 2015)

Another hugely successful KCU Easter Junior tournament was held at Mazengarb Park. The ultimate victor was Petone FC, but 2nd place went to Onslow and 3rd equal was shared between Karori, Upper Hutt and KCU.

The winners of each grade were:
10th grade – Upper Hutt, Onslow were 7th
11th grade – Onslow
12th grade – Onslow
13th grade – Lower Hutt, Onslow were 4th
14th grade – Porirua City, Onslow were 5th
U17 – Upper Hutt

This was an amazing achievement by OJFC as we do not have a team in the U17 age group and hence miss out on points awarded in this age group.