Mini Football / 9 to 10 year olds


Ideally teams are comprised of nine players – 7 playing + 2 reserves.

The playing teams are 7 a side (including a goalkeeper), using a size 4 ball and on a ground 50m by 30m with goals that are 4 x 2 metres.

The Saturday game day comprises 2 x 25 minutes games.

Teams play in the Wellington/Western zone combined league. Except for the Grade 10 A and B streamed teams who play in the travel leagues.

Weekly draws will be posted on the Capital Football Website: Fixtures, prior to each Saturday’s game.

You will be advised of the time, the grounds and which team you are playing against by your team manager.

Each team needs a coach, a manager and another volunteer who is not the coach who can referee the weekly matches.

Grade 9 is the first year that players can choose to trial for the streamed teams.  For further details on the trials click here.

2019 introduction of the Retreating Line Rule

This coaching tool has been successfully implemented in Junior Football throughout the world. It has also been used successfully by Federations in New Zealand over the past few years. The Retreating Line rule enables and encourages our young footballers to start to develop and enjoy a style of play in keeping with Worlds best practice and New Zealand Football’s playing philosophy.

An instructional video on the new rule can be seen here.