Training Sessions & Schedules

The OJFC have limited access to both the artificial turf and grass grounds at Nairnville Park.

All teams from grade 9 are expected to train weekly.

All streamed teams train twice a week.

Your team coach / manager will contact you to confirm your training slot.

There is an additional cost for training on the artificial turf.

If you have a training session which requires the floodlights to be switched on for the grass pitches at Nairnville, the switch can be found on the lamp post in the far southwest corner.

The 2021 team training schedules for Nairnville Park Turf / Grass. 

These are still being finalised, so there may be some minor changes to come.

Turf Bookings pdf

Grass Bookings pdf

Turf Etiquette 

  • There are goals for use. Please ask your Grade Coordinator for the code.
  • You can start the training session if the turf is free, otherwise please stay off the field area until it’s your time slot.
  • Please move off the field area at the end of your training session immediately as the next team will be waiting to start their training.
  • Check with the next team if they want the goals. If not please put them away.
  • If you’re the last team training please ensure all goals are placed back and are locked up.