Term 1 & 4 Development Programmes

Player development opportunities continue in the off-season with programmes offered in Term 1 and 4.


Term 1 Player Development Programme

Onslow JFC is excited to bring you the schedule for our 2024, Term 1 Player Development Programme.

Programmes offered have options for Mixed Open sessions for all players,  Committed teams, Streamed + invites sessions, Girls Only sessions, and Goal Keeping sessions.

Sessions available for those children born in 2017 and earlier only.

NOTE: Our Term 1 & 4 Development Programmes have an emphasis on technical and skill development and helping players to get ready for the winter season as well as for those more advanced and serious players. This season we introduce ‘Committed’ training sessions for our footballers in U9 and U10 grades. These PDP sessions will serve as good preparation for those players seeking to be part of a committed team during the upcoming season.

Training Session Options for Girls: Can choose from Girls Sessions, Mixed Sessions (their year group), or Mixed sessions (the year below their year group). e.g. a girl born in 2015, U9 this year, could join in the following: “Girls U8-U11”, “U8-U9 mixed”, “U7-U8 mixed”, “U9-U10 mixed” or if they were nominated could also do the “U9 mixed Tue + Thu” sessions. Or all 6!

DATES: Term 1 kicks off on Monday 12th February, with our final session on Friday 5th April. It will run across 8 weeks, with no sessions during the Easter break.

LOCATION: All sessions are held on the Artificial Turf at Nairnville Park, Cockayne Road, Khandallah.

REMINDER Please do not park in the Drop Off/Pick Up zone. Do not turn your car around in the gateway – this is dangerous!



Girls U8-U11Girls Only – girls born 2013-2016Wed 5.30-6.30pm$80
Girls U11-U14Girls Only – girls born 2010-2013Thu 4:15-5:15pm$80
U7-U8 mixedOpen Training – all born 2016-2017Mon 4-5pm$70
U8-U9 mixedOpen Training – all born 2015-2016Wed 4-5pm$80
U9 mixedCommitted Training – born 2015Tue 4-5pm$70
U9 mixedCommitted Training – born 2015Thu 4-5pm$80
U9-U10 mixedOpen Training – all born 2014-2015Mon 5:15-6:15pm$70
U10 mixedCommitted Training – born 2014 Tue 5:10-6:10pm$70
U10 mixedCommitted Training – born 2014Thu 5:10-6:10pm$80
U10-U11 mixedOpen Training – all born 2013-2014Wed 5:15-6:15pm$80
U11-U12**Invites + Streamed – invites only born 2012-2013
U11 6:20-7:20pm + U12 7:30-8:30pm
U11 Tue 6:20-7:20pm
U12 Tue 7:30-8:30pm
U11-U12**Invites + Streamed – invites only born 2012-2013
U11 6:20-7:20pm + U12 7:30-8:30pm
U11 Thu 6:20-7:20pm
U12 Thu 7:30-8:30pm
U11-U12 mixedOpen Training – all born 2012-2013Mon 6:30-7:30pm$70
U13-U15 mixedOpen Training – all born 2009-2011Mon 6:30-7:30pm$70
U12-U14 mixedOpen Training – all born 2010-2012Wed 6:30-7:30pm$80
GK U9-U11Goal Keeping – all born 2013-2015Mon 5:15-6:15pm$70
GK U12-U14Goal Keeping – all born 2010-2012Mon 6:30-7:30pm$70
**Please note the change of times for the U11 and U12 groups. These have been split to accommodate numbers.

Term 4 2024 Player Development Programme

Details coming later in 2024.