About Us

Onslow Junior Football Club is one of the largest Junior Football clubs in New Zealand.

The Onslow Junior Football Club is run by volunteers in their own time, to give all our kids a great experience. This means that we need all parents to play a part in making this happen – whether this is managing a team, coaching, refereeing or supporting from the sidelines.

It needs your participation to make it work.


  • for their own enjoyment
  • with commitment and desire to improve
  • accepting making mistakes is part of learning
  • supportive of their team mates
  • respecting everyone involved in the game
  • practice in your own time
  • are committed to their team
  • play hard, play fair and play well

The Club’s philosophy for junior football is outlined in The Onslow Way. The club developed The Onslow Way in 2008 and the philosophy is still relevant today.

The Club also adopted the Whole of Football Framework introduced by Capital Football in 2012. The Junior Framework ensures that every child entering the game will take part in training and games that are tailored to his or her stage of football development – physical, mental, emotional/social and technical/tactical. The Junior Framework provides children with a fun and rewarding experience at every stage, while developing their skills as football players. This is aligned with the Onslow Way. Some of the terms have changed, for example Nursery Grade is now First Kicks, but both documents remain relevant.