Onslow players were ball kids for North Wellington’s Capital Premier League fixture

Onslow players from the 10th Grade teams – Gurkhas, Tarikakas, Hindipurs and Ravis were ball kids for the North Wellington Senior Men’s First Team in their Wellington Capital Premier League fixture against Wellington Olympic on April 17th. The boys are holding up 6 fingers which represents the number of goals which North Wellington scored to win 6-1.

The players and club were really responsive, engaging with the kids, and the kids enjoyed it.


Important rule changes for the new 2017 season

A full list of rule changes for 2017 season can be found here, but some of the more important ones to note are:

The kick-off can now go backwards.

The Offside law – the free-kick is now taken from where the offence of offside took place, so the interfering in play, rather from the offside position – referees will understand what that means.

Undershorts/tights must be the same colour as the main colour of the shorts or the lowest part of the shorts. This takes into account shorts with a different coloured hem. Undershirts must still be the same colour as the main colour of the shirt sleeve. Any tape or other material on or covering socks must be the same colour as the sock.

Ready for the new Season – Quotes from famous players and coaches to share

Here are some quotes from some very famous players and coaches which you might like to share with your children and teams coaches.

Cruyff quote 1 Cristiano Ronaldo Creativity Bayern Munich quote Barcelona quote Arsene Wenger 2

OJFC Coaches Briefing for G9 – G14 on Thursday 23rd March 2017

There is a Coaches briefing on Thursday 23rd March 2017 at the Khandallah Town Hall. It starts at 7.30 pm and runs for about 1 and half hours.

This is for coaches from grade 9 to 14.  We are keen for all coaches to attend.

Onslow Socks are back in stock and Pre-Order your Hoodie at Football Central



Upcoming Intro to Coaching and Refereeing Courses

Intro to Coaching Course: Friday March 24th,  6:30pm, Community Room, Nairnvile Rec Centre
Registration is required and can be done following this link; there is no cost.
Intro to Refereeing Course: Wednesday April 5th, 7pm, Community Room, Nairnville Rec Centre

Auction for Kids Training Session with the Pheonix


Thanks to Steve Bennett, another of our wonderful parents, we have got a one hour training session with Kosta Barbarouses and one or two other (yet to be confirmed) Phoenix players, to be auctioned at the Cashmere Avenue School Fair on 2nd April! Kosta is bound to share some of his goal scoring secrets and lots of other great tips during this fun session.

Round up the parents of your childs friends or football team and make sure you are down at the bottom carpark at 1pm on fair day to bid for this amazing experience!

*Date to be arranged between Wellington Phoenix and the winner of the auction at a time that works for both. Maximum number of kids is 30.

Club-College Football 2017

Dear Onslow Football parents.

In 2016, following a period of discussion concerning the delivery of Youth Football, Capital Football and College Sport reached an agreement whereby:

  • Capital Football will continue to administer Boys 13th and 14th Grade Football and all college teams will be excluded from playing these competitions.
  • College Sport Wellington will administer Boys 15th Grade Football for college based teams.

With this agreement in place, we expected that the confusion around the Club-College football transition, across years 13 to 15, to have been resolved.

However, unfortunately, that has not been the case, with some colleges offering 13th and 14th Grade Boys the choice of playing in their college 15th Grade competition, or, have offered college based football through another junior football club.

We understand families have tough decisions to make and that if you do wish to take the option of your child playing football for their college in 2017 then OJFC respects that, and we would like to thank you for you commitment and time with Onslow Junior Football Club and wish your child all the best.

However, please be assured, that there is still a place here at Onslow for you in 2017 and we would love to have your child with us through to the end of 14th Grade. Many of your children have have played with their Onslow club friends for a number of years and it would be great to see this continue through until the end of Grade 14.

At OJF C we’re passionate about junior football, and believe that the best place for the kids in their 13th and 14th grade years is with their junior clubs, as per the agreement reached between Capital Football and College Sport.

We would like to note that, through our partnership with the Northern Hills Football Pathway, neither Onslow College nor Newlands College offer Boys football before 15th Grade, in accordance with the above agreement.

Please note that registrations close on February 19

Warm regards

Scott Crookston
OJFC Club Captain

Trials Information evening on Weds 22nd Feb

The beginning of the football season is rapidly approaching and so are the trials for the streamed teams. Onslow Junior Football Club stream teams from Grade 9 onwards. If you are interested as a parent to learn more about streamed teams then you are invited to a Trials Information Evening which is being held on Wednesday 22nd February from 7:30pm – 9:00pm in the Khandallah Town Hall.  Further information can also be found on the Trials page on the website.

OJFC 2017 Fees Increase

OJFC 2017 Fee Increase

OJFC is committed to ensuring affordable fees for our members. We have not increased our fees since 2011, despite annual increases in affiliation fees payable to Capital Football and increased operating costs

However, due to another increase of the affiliation fees and the introduction of a new ACC levy per player, we regrettably have to advise of a rise in our fees for 2017.

First kicks will increase by $10 per child and grades 7 to 14 will increase by $20 per child. Full details of the fees can be found here

We will continue to offer discounts for families with more than one child enrolling in the club.

We appreciate your understanding.

Todd Collings


Onslow Junior Football Club