Training Sessions & Schedules

The OJFC have limited access to both the artificial turf and grass grounds at Nairnville Park.

All teams from grade 9 are expected to train weekly.

All streamed teams train twice a week

Your team coach / manager will contact you to confirm your training slot.

There is an additional cost for training on the artificial turf.

If you have a training session which requires the floodlights to be switched on for the grass pitches at Nairnville, the switch can be found on the lampost in the far southwest corner.

The 2017 training schedules on the Nairnville Artificial turf will be added later in the year once the teams have been decided.











Nairnville Turf Pitch Layout – where the turf is divided into 4, Areas 1 and 2 are the North end and Areas 3 and 4 are the South end

Nairnville Turf Layout


 Nairnville Grass Pitch Layout

Nairnville Grass Layout