Winter League

The winter league is played on a Sunday alongside the Saturday mixed league season.

Grades 7-10 are played 5 a-side with no goal keepers and it is all about number of touches. Grades 7-8 have 4 x 10 min games each Sunday and Grade 9-10 have 2 x 25 min games. Pitches are approx. 30mx20m. Capital Football discourages the use of referees, but allows direction from a dedicated person from the sidelines. This lets the girls play their own game. Kick-ins from the side instead of throw-ins

Grades 11-12 are 7 a-side with a goal keeper on pitches approx 50mx35m. 2 x 25min games each week with bigger goals. Throw-ins are introduced and off-side rules apply.  Players retreat to half way to encourage the keeper to play out from the back rather than long kicks down the field.

Grades 13-14 are now up to 9 a-side on 65mx40m pitches. Most of the rules align with the full version of the sport like corners, keeper, off-side etc.