Girls Only Sunday League (GOSL)

Girls only football played on Sundays was introduced in 2009 as a way to bring the game to the thousands of girls in New Zealand.

The focus is on participation rather than competition.

Onslow have 150+ girls playing football on a Sunday. Girls can also choose to play in the Saturday mixed league competitions. Those girls who want to pursue football further should also be encouraged to play on a Saturday in the mixed competition to challenge them that little bit further.

There are no streamed teams in Onslow GOSL so there are no trials nor are teams graded.

Girls Only Regulations 2015 are updated annually by Capital Football. A summary of the regulations can be downloaded here 2015 Summary of Girls Only Regulations.

The games are played on the artificial turfs at Wakefield Park, Te Whaea or Nairnville Park. There is a $10 turf fee which goes directly to Capital football for ALL Sunday games being played on turf.

An additional $10 turf charge maybe requested for training slots at the beginning of the season.

Given they are played on the artificial turfs games cancellations are very unlikely.

The same Onslow uniform applies to GOSL