Term 4 Spring Football Program

Dear Onslow Parents

I am happy to announce that our Term 4 Spring Football Program is confirmed. I am introducing few new categories.

  • We are now offering choice of three (3) nights of training for our current Streamed players – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday).
  • Grades 8-14 Non-Streamed will have a choice of two nights – Monday & Wednesday.
  • We will also offer Girls Only on Wednesdays. More competitive girls can also join any one of the mixed grades for extra training. Maggie Jenkins will be joining our coaching staff this year as she did in the July Holiday Program.
  • For those keen players who wish to improve their goalkeeping skills we are offering GK sessions on Mondays with a Team Wellington goalkeeper/coach.
  • Finally, we will offer a six-week 2v2 tournament/league on Fridays for any player aged 7-14. Boys & girls can create their own teams and enter this Friday fun league. Teams can be a mix of streamed and non-streamed players as well as boys & girls. The cost is ONLY $10 per player for the entire 6 week program based on 4 players per team, or $13.50 per player based on 3 players per team.

Please Click Here to register an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST online which means no payment is due at this time. The flyers are for information only, please do not try to click on them. Once all of the EOI forms are in I will then confirm each individual program based on interest. Confirmation of the programs will be sent out towards the end of September.

Our October Holiday Program is only two months away and I should have a registration form ready by next week.

Don’t hesitate to email me or call me if you have any questions regarding the upcoming Term 4 program.

2 V 2 Friday Night Tournaments

NZF Skills Centre Electronic FlyerOJFC-GOSL-Embedded

NZF Skills Centre Electronic FlyerOJFC-Mixed-Embedded