Prize-Giving 2014

Congratulations to all the award winners for all 96 teams at the 2014 Prize-giving.
We hope you all had an enjoyable season, and we hope to see you back in 2015. Don’t forget registrations open at the end of January.

If you need your football fixes, don’t forget 2 Clubs ran a holiday programme over the October Holidays as well as programmes for Term 4.

There are many other opportunities to play football – Try Kelly Sports on Friday nights (Ian Galloway) or Twilight Summer Football (Alex Moore).

We would like to make a special mention of the Player of the Grade Award Recipients for 2014 (These players are chosen as the best overall player in their grade and is chosen from Grade 9 and above and will be selected from the A streamed team)
Grade 9 – Luke Jones
Grade 10 – Henry Sinclair
Grade 11 – Liam Coleman
Grade 12 – Ramsey Tawngdee
Grade 13 – Tyler Collicoat
Grade 14 – Luke Agalawatta

We also recognised players leaving the Club from Grade 14 who have played for Onslow continuously for 7+ years. We thanks you for choosing Onslow and hope you continue your football for many more years

Luke Agalawatta
Adam Doherty
Flynn Elmes
Jack Grethe
Zach Hough
Brennan Patchell
Alex Ware
Daniel Winsley
Liam Watters
Callum Macaskill
Connor Sullivan
Jordan Roes
Thomas Coughtrey
Adam Chung
Alick McCalman
Laurence Hughes
Louis Alexander
Angus Bartlett
Rosina Meredith (we forget to mention you at Prize-giving – our apologies)

Thanks – The Onslow Committee