OJFC Boot Donation to Cannons Creek School

Last year Nicki Sutherland asked if OJFC members could donate old pairs of football boots and to bring them along to last years Prize Giving. As a result numerous pairs were donated, and last week Nicki visited a Cannons Creek school who were the receiver of the donated boots. This is the experience in Nicki’s words:

“Last week another mum and I took all of the donated boots out to the 2 schools in Cannons Creek with whom we had made contact. At the first school, the hall was packed with about 100 kids of all ages patiently lining up in shoe size order to try on a pair of boots – all with hope & nerves on their faces. You should have seen how happy they were when they were matched with a pair that fitted – they were so excited and thankful. Of course we ran out of sizes and the kids who missed out were gutted – but still respectful and happy for the other kids. We had put half aside for the second school, but given the level of organisation and eagerness at the first, we felt compelled to keep going until almost every child had boots – which didn’t leave many for the second school. We’ve promised to make them our focus next year.

The morning was a huge success, with every child individually saying thank you and telling us what they were going to do with the boots. The level of excitement and gratitude was very humbling. The teachers have asked us to pass on thanks to everyone who donated, and next year we will roll this out across other clubs for sure. Its making a real difference.”