Club-College Football 2017

Dear Onslow Football parents.

In 2016, following a period of discussion concerning the delivery of Youth Football, Capital Football and College Sport reached an agreement whereby:

  • Capital Football will continue to administer Boys 13th and 14th Grade Football and all college teams will be excluded from playing these competitions.
  • College Sport Wellington will administer Boys 15th Grade Football for college based teams.

With this agreement in place, we expected that the confusion around the Club-College football transition, across years 13 to 15, to have been resolved.

However, unfortunately, that has not been the case, with some colleges offering 13th and 14th Grade Boys the choice of playing in their college 15th Grade competition, or, have offered college based football through another junior football club.

We understand families have tough decisions to make and that if you do wish to take the option of your child playing football for their college in 2017 then OJFC respects that, and we would like to thank you for you commitment and time with Onslow Junior Football Club and wish your child all the best.

However, please be assured, that there is still a place here at Onslow for you in 2017 and we would love to have your child with us through to the end of 14th Grade. Many of your children have have played with their Onslow club friends for a number of years and it would be great to see this continue through until the end of Grade 14.

At OJF C we’re passionate about junior football, and believe that the best place for the kids in their 13th and 14th grade years is with their junior clubs, as per the agreement reached between Capital Football and College Sport.

We would like to note that, through our partnership with the Northern Hills Football Pathway, neither Onslow College nor Newlands College offer Boys football before 15th Grade, in accordance with the above agreement.

Please note that registrations close on February 19

Warm regards

Scott Crookston
OJFC Club Captain