New look for Onslow

You will notice a new look for Onslow players on the football fields in the coming weeks.

We are in the process of rolling out new playing jerseys to approximately half our teams this season, as a lot of our current ones are past their best.  Due to the size of our club we are unable to provide jerseys for every team this year but will look to replace most teams playing strips over the next few seasons.

If you were wondering what happens to the old jerseys… we did not want them to go to waste, so we’re investigating the possibility of donating them to schools and clubs in the Pacific Islands.

We would like to thank Patrick Sawyer, our gear coordinator, and Football Central for their help with the new design. We are particularly pleased to now have jerseys specifically designed for the girls.

Here’s the Grade 12 Calcuttas sporting the new look – We think they look pretty smart!

Grade 12 Calcuttas sporting the new kit.