Trials for streamed teams

General Information

From Grade 9 all players enrolled with OJFC are welcome to trial for the streamed teams. Generally there are two streamed teams per grade and the travel league starts in Grade 10.

We appreciate those players who take their football more seriously will be more interested in trialling, however we encourage all keen competent players to trial.

Girls playing in the Saturday mixed league teams are welcome to trial in either their grade or one grade younger but not both grades.

Trials are not held for the Sunday Girls Only Leagues.

If you trial you have the chance to be offered a place in one of your grade’s streamed teams. If you are selected, by accepting a place you are also committing to:

  • attending training up to twice a week
  • playing games that may be outside the central Wellington area (i.e. Kapiti and Wairarapa); and
  • Attending tournaments – some of which may be outside the central Wellington area.

To trial you MUST be fully enrolled with OJFC via the online enrolment system “Club hub” and your subscriptions must be paid in full.

The Selection Panel comprises:

  • Trial convenor
  • One or two independent selectors
  • Coaches who have a previous knowledge of the players may be used at the second trial.

Please note that on the day of the trials, as well as making an assessment of your football ability, selectors will also be looking at:

  • punctuality – this also means arriving early ready for a prompt start
  • appropriate football attire – this means shin pads, football socks & football shorts
  • attitude – ie. keen, focused & enthusiastic
  • fitness – ie. good level of fitness.